Miniature Cheviot's are exciting and personally satisfying to own and breed. As more people discover these naturally small and beautiful little sheep, their popularity and value will continue to grow. Whether your goal is showing, breeding, producing wool or just the pleasure of having a wonderful pet, our registered sheep will meet your expectations! Miniatures have been in existence for a long time. Each sheep has its own distinct personality and will bring you a constant source of amusement! Caring for Miniature Cheviot's is easy and can be performed safely by a person of nearly any age. Their size enables you to hold them in your lap. The lambs are particularly lovable due to their very small size; 8’to10" at birth. A Miniature Cheviot's are a near perfect pet. Their affectionate, gentle nature and small size make them an excellent friend and companion for many years.

We are pleased to present our breeding ram "Ramses". He is the offspring of a flock unlike any other. Bred from stock direct from the hills in Europe, the original owner brought them to his ranch here in the US and raised them in a closed flock for years. He is from the smallest of all Miniature Cheviot flocks on the market today.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

So - Last Year..

.. we decided to use collars and tags instead of the ear tags. Our first choice was to decide on what type of collar to use. Our sheep are very friendly - but OH SO SMART! You see, they know if you are coming out to feed them, pet them or clip them! As you can guess, we needed something to grab that was strong and we bought each of them a chain collar. Yeah - look at the picture.. one still has hers and the other does not. Several of the sheep figured out how to remove their chain collars!

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